The Victorian-based Australian start-up, NeuralDx Ltd, was formed in 2018 to commercialize the patented Electrovestibulography, trademarked EVestG™.

EVestG™ is an innovative neuro-electrophysiological measurement platform technology that objectively analyses deep brain function to identify biomarkers of mental and neurological disorders, and is to support clinicians to make faster more accurate diagnosis than is currently possible or achieved.

Such Disorders are the #1 Global non-communicable disease health issue with a cost burden predicted to exceed $16 Trillion p.a. by 2030. 

Australia’s 2019 brain-health burden impacts 45% of the population in their lifetime and costs >$60 Billion p.a. to manage.

EVestG™ was invented at Monash University, Clayton and over 10 years of R&D outputs NeuralDx and its predecessor Neural Diagnostics applied to produce over 16 key peer-reviewed publications in respected international journals validating EVestG™'s ability to objectively classify analysed brain signals for diagnostically monitoring and /or separating:

  1. Major Depressive Disorder [MDD] from Bipolar Disorder [BPD]

  2. The emergence of Post-Concussive Syndrome, with or without MDD, after mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI); and, the ability to objectively monitor the benefits of therapy

  3. Alzheimer's from etiologically mixed Dementias.

In addition, 4 PhDs have been successfully examined in the application of EVestG™ to diagnosing: Parkinson's disease [2], Meniere's disease [1], and Schizophrenia [1].

EVestG™ technology received the ABC's Invention of the Year Award in 2010,and its Multidisciplinary Research Team was recognized as a finalist in the 2015 Eureka Awards.

With the Inventor's research output now accepted as published evidence, NeuralDx is receiving requests for international collaboration [Italy, Canada, and Australia] to validate the technology for neural research.

Prior to this occurring, the EVestG™ System will require re-engineering so that Validation Trials are carried out on the proposed commercial prototype seeking regulatory approval [TGA/FDA].

NeuralDx is raising investment to undertake the above re-engineering and fabrication of at least fabricate 6 EVestG™ systems to undertake the next critical steps of validation clinical trials and Regulatory approval.