Our technology is a breakthrough in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders.


NeuralDx's EVestG Biomarkers of Brain Function supports a Clinician, make faster and more accurate objectively diagnosis of psychiatric or neurological disorders within minutes of testing. With EVestG, a greater than 80% accurate diagnosis will be possible at the first visit to the clinician’s office.

The product of nearly a decade of research and development, NeuralDx represents potential for an historic change for global mental and brain health. 

Existing diagnostic methodology for psychiatric and neurological disorders is subjective and lacks the accuracy and consistency required for the management of such a massive, global health issue. 

This absence of effective diagnostic technology causes delays in early appropriate intervention that contribute significantly to the PROJECTED current $16 trillion dollars per year spent managing the direct and indirect costs of the community and medical burden of  these disorders.”

NeuralDx’s EVestG™ technologyis a fast, painless, and objective diagnostic tool for mental and neurological disorders, with potential to discriminate between different psychiatric and neurological disorders with an objective test that takes no longer than one hour to administer and interpret. EVestG™ represents a paradigm shift for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of psychiatric illnesses and neurological disorders.